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source needed13720 safe1617082 artist:synch-anon175 octavia melody22979 earth pony216484 pony884869 bow (instrument)653 broken708 crying41055 female1287259 floppy ears47879 frown21851 hoof hold7652 lidded eyes28249 mare439999 messy mane7305 open mouth130082 sad23192 simple background361810 solo1004757 teary eyes3609 tragedy97 transparent background187451 upset1142


not provided yet


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Sciencepone of Science!
Oh, come on, Tavi, I play violin and I know the bow isn't typically a huge deal… Except maybe professionals use super expensive nice bows or something…

I've actually broken the bow itself, before, not just the strings… :q

It's very hard to squeeze something that's already a hair's width thin… Do you mean strangle Octavia with the bow string for breaking the bow string instead? Xp
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"The fuck?! Quick, one of you strangle that bow string for having the audacity to break on Octy. I'll consider red lights a suggestion on my way to the music store!"