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Next addition for my *Season 6 Episode Art!
Season 6, Episode 3 — The Gift of Maud Pie
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Another episode, another piece made! (Unfortunately next week's has to be delayed till Wednesday because I'll be at BUCK)

Why do I often go with a scene that's kinda tricky for me haha. Especially for a single session piece. So I kept some things rougher, compared to last episode's piece.
And for once I did a Dutch angle again! I have not done a lot of those over the last year. Used to do them a lot more during my Season 4 art. And how can I not when there's graceful movement like this involved? Well… I could easily have not done that and also made it a portrait ratio to lessen the load. But eh… hindsight.

This was a fun episode, interesting combination of characters, with a good little lesson. And some rarity life progress I guess!
Losing that cannon was slightly a shock at first. Not like Golden Oak, but… it's another of those things that was there from the beginning. Good we still got it eh?! Maud knows best I suppose. That's the face of wisdom right there.

Anyhow, fun little details aside in the rest of the episode, hope y'all enjoyed it too!

*Approx time: 12
Photoshop CC*
Alt Res:

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safe1691680 artist:assasinmonkey807 maud pie12379 pinkie pie214848 rarity180555 earth pony243258 pony953333 unicorn317116 the gift of the maud pie938 clothes454251 female1349595 ice rink37 ice skates287 ice skating399 mare473683 maudjestic26 scene interpretation8471 skating203 smiling244074 statue of prometheus12 that was fast1363


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