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Maudjestic [fullratio]

safe1690209 artist:assasinmonkey807 maud pie12372 pinkie pie214662 rarity180313 earth pony242626 pony951867 unicorn316363 the gift of the maud pie937 balancing996 clothes453618 dress43946 female1348121 frown22600 grin37683 ice rink37 ice skates287 ice skating399 mare473051 maudjestic26 open mouth142472 raised hoof44871 raised leg7604 scene interpretation8469 skating203 skirt39230 smiling243669 statue of prometheus12 that was fast1363


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One is the classic 16:9 ratio, cropped for wallpaper reasons, but the original picture had a a different ratio and the artist didn't want them to be lost.
Background Pony #B471
It makes sense though, going beyond Pinkie mentioning in Winter Wrap Up that she's been ice skating for most of her life, her family would probably do quite a bit to de-ice their farm since water and ice could cause fissures in their rocks