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Soda Fizz
Artist -

Why am I here?
And then, the cakes starts beating her…  
Background Pony #9196
I am definitely 110% certain the phenomenon you are experiencing is that it is only a tiny minority of people you have unintentionally surrounded yourself with who “hate celestia” for such an inane reason, your overexposure to them has led you to believe there are more people holding this opinion than there actually are, and you should stop listening to, thinking about, or even talking about said people, because talking about them means you were thinking about them, and thinking about them means you were listening to them, which are all unnecessarily stressful things tainting the magic of my little pony, and you’re here to get away from stress, AREN’T YOU?
so just let it go  
let it go
don’t think about those comments anymore
let it go  
let it go
those are “fans” you can safely ignore
you shouldn’t careeee what they haaavve to saaaaayyyy
let those nerds whine on
the plot never bothered me anyway
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

If that were true, Equestria would never be the excellent place to live it is. Consequently, the ponies would never be happy.  
Also, let’s see: Nightmare Moon was trying to dominate Equestria and bring eternal night against the ponies’ will, and princess Celestia, who saved Equestria from her, is the ruthless dictator? Yeah right, I’ll pretend I agree…
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Self proclaimed expert
Well cause she made the cakes waste some tea. Also the sending of Nightmare Moon to the moon for 1000 years even though that was her only option after trying to talk things out didn’t work.