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Who is this cutie?
safe1944964 screencap257140 blossom delight14 jasmine tea14 pony1294557 unicorn433254 season 52896 the one where pinkie pie knows907 background pony11178 cropped55551 drinking4317 eyes closed117951 female1578292 glowing11406 glowing horn24744 horn112438 magic85102 magic aura6306 mare603459 solo1245167 telekinesis33470


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Artist -

I wish I was Muteki
Another Derpling? Recolor sister of Trixie? Or somepony getting Grounded a week after they returning to there own time.
Phantom Rider

You are already booped.
@Background Pony #1DB1  
Nah, this was the unicorn sipping tea that Pinkie thought of telling the secret to just to tell someone. She was clearly an adult. Though if the rule is that anypony with that color scheme is Derpy’s kid… now she’s got seven, I think.
Another vote for “Jasmine Tea” here!
Background Pony #7C39
where did you get that Trixie vector from?  
and can you please upload a bigger size of it to Derpibooru?
Artist -

Headcanon: This is Trixie. Well, Trixie actually isn’t real. This pony right here sometimes likes to dress as Trixie, a character she created, and start drama for fun. After the last time went a bit overboard, she decided to drop her alter ego and return to her normal life.
Either that or this is Trixie disguised as a new pony trying to start a new life.