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I'm finally getting back into poking at writing again. Right now, I seem to be into editing the outline for NaNo project that's been kicking around in some form since 2012 and I also have two (hopefully shorter) stories I'd like to complete this week. I miss taking cross-country train rides for the lack of cell reception which was so crucial to getting me to start writing in the first place.

My creative writing queue looks something like:

1. Pair of short stories: one starring Spitfire with clop in the second half and one starring Rarity
2. A quintet of somewhat-crack pokésmut to be published under a different moniker
3. The remaining ⅔ or ¾ of a MarbleMac fic
4. About half of Rarity Does Canterlot
5. A miscellaneous crackfic scene or two
6. That NaNo project that I just can't forget

I'd like to finish these by the end of the year and then decide if I still like creative writing enough to continue or move my creative efforts to a different field, but programming projects and other IRL matters keep taking precedence.

Big loud things on poles
I’m trying to write two stories at the same time right now and I’m debating on whether or not to release their new chapters at the same time or just when they’re finished since I’m trying to start work on 2 other stories as well.

#064 Burning
Huh, I just came up with a reason for why my AU and even the crossovers happen.

Simply from reading summon chants from Yugioh. :I

Tagger of the Unknown
One day, my dream is to make to retelling of the pilot episode of MLP. I always felt like it was a little underwhelming to me. It felt kind of rushed to me. And not as epic as I think it could've been.

I would like to make a retelling that's more dramatic and gives more reasons and drama as to why Twilight is a wallflower. And I would also tie in some drama with her relationship with Spike.

It would have a slower pace because of the freedom fanfiction allows. And it would be Y7/PG so not completely like the show.

I also would have Twilight be best friends with one or two specific ponies of the Mane 6 who would her to open up. I'm wondering which will be her best friend.

My Twilight would be slightly ruder torwards her peers (in a polite passive agressive way), be a bit misanthropic but still doing her duty to others, and I'm thinking of having her not have a brother because I also want Twilight to be unfamiliar with how family just like friendship is supposed to work. And that would make Twilight more uncertain how to interact with Spike.

It's basically a coming of age story where Twi will have to learn that friendship and family are not just hypothetical concepts for people to pass the time with pointless activities. She would learn that it would truly have a positive effect that could even change the world.
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reformation is the best
what do you think of this

it's with my own characters

Tagger of the Unknown
Well it's nice to see them get along. It might have been a little rushed. It seems like this was like a draft and could use be a bit slower.

But I do like the interesting idea of mummies and Cajun aligator like ponies. It's something I could not even think of. I personally like that they became friends although I wish there was more complexity to their reasons for fighting each other and them becoming friends. Like maybe at first the Alligator ponies could say how the Mummies would just be ruthless like the the Gun Ponies and would have to really be convinced otherwise.

But I think it's a very interesting concept. A good start for you single art fanfictions.

Honestly I'm not the best reviewer but those are some of my thoughts.
Cromanti Cheer
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I love this idea! Would've been a fun thing to post on the 10th Anniversary coming up (The pilot revisited!), but I imagine that might be too short notice at this point for you to finish. XD

I personally always wanted to do a retelling of the pilot with the Mane 6 as Transformers, buuut that's just me.

I kinda want to do some sort of drabble or one shot for the 10th Anniversary coming up on the 10th. I had an idea about doing a sort of "pre-pilot" story where Celestia is nervous about Luna's impending return and goes to revisit places and memories.
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#064 Burning
I'm gonna get started with actually writing something.
Is it best to start with something mane6 focused or Oc focused?

Granted I'm going to be crossingover a bit
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Cromanti Cheer
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Hey y'all, I've got to come up with two friends for Celestia to know as a young filly:

- A brash paladin-esque pegasus, willing to lay their life on the line to conserve the beauty of the world.
- A sorta space-cadet-y unicorn, who was transported from the G3 universe and is fascinated and excited by the world of G4.

Are there any ponies from previous gens or perhaps toyline-only ponies with good names that would fit well here? I imagine Firefly might be a good candidate for the paladin pegasus, but her name is kinda already used in G4. Maybe a name that's a sorta punny wink and a nod to Bonnie Zacherle (like Bonsai, Brownie Bronze) or Lauren Faust (like Winter Laurel, Frostfire)?
Cromanti Cheer
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Thank you! I've kinda put the "TF:FIM" idea on the backburner, but I still have a bunch of notes on it and would love to revisit it. The big idea was to basically take the MLPFIM characters and plots, and kinda try to "build them" in a world that takes inspiration from a bunch of Transformers continuities, such as having the Mane 6 all have powersets related to their names like in Transformers: Animated and have the Mane 6 kinda gather over the course of the pilot like in RID 2015. Probably could use a little more Beast Wars representation, though. I did have big plans for cybertronian Fluttershy, but I feel like I've got Rarity a little less nailed down.

The 10th anniversary one-shot idea I had ("The Next Generation") mostly centered around a "starter problem" for a young Celestia, Luna, and four other friends. My main thought was an antagonist primal force-of-nature alicorn who blamed ponies for the state of her ill mother and that Celestia and her friends have to talk down. I'm not sure whether to make the toy-only alicorns Gold Lily and Sterling part of Celestia's friendship group (they'd be pre-alicorn-ification), or just use other characters.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

For the main 9 mercs, it's Metal-Kitty's interpretation.

Scout- Rainbow Dash

Soldier- Derpy

Pyro — Spike

Demoman — Applejack

Heavy — Big Mac

Engineer — Pinkie Pie

Medic — Twilight

Sniper — Fluttershy

Spy — Rarity

As for the rest, I don't know, that's still unclear. Maybe Iron Will for Saxton Hale? G3 ponies for the Team Fortress Classic mercenaries? I'll probably just straight up ponify Redmond, Blutarch, and Gray Mann.
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Here's some fun fanfic fodder that I'm not sure I have the talent to execute:

You know all the Tempest fan art that has her sporting some sort of prosthetic horn? Well, what if she were to run into one of her childhood friends (the comics have so far only introduced us to one of them, right?) only to find out that said friend had dedicated her life to developing one? Than not only had she not written Tempest off as broken, but had been busting her flank trying to produce the solution which Tempest had been so desperately searching for? Perhaps have Tempest question whether she would still want it at this point (either she might find it unnecessary for what she actually wants to do with her life, or that it would clash with the "badass survivor" persona that she had developed over the years).

Issue 81 of the comic had Scootaloo and Rumble hear the story of Wind Sock, an earth pony who got himself into the Wonderbolts after inventing some glider thing and rescuing one of them (it ends with Rumble using a replica to fly despite a sprained wing, but not the slightest mention that the glider might be useful for the pegasus who would still be unable to fly a week later). Suppose she were to do the painfully obvious thing and get one for herself. Suppose she was thrilled to finally fly with it, but not so thrilled to draw attention to the fact that she can't fly without it (at this point she may not be as sensitive about her condition as she was at the time of "The Washouts", but that doesn't necessarily mean she'd be cool with basically advertising it to random strangers all over the place). Let her learn that if you have some solution for doing what you want to do with your life, you shouldn't be ashamed if you have to do it somewhat differently from everyone else.
Cromanti Cheer
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Yeah, I think Metal-Kitty's picks are pretty solid. There's a bit of me that wants to quibble and play with Pinkie's, Spike's, AJ's, and Derpy's roles, but then I think about them in other positions and I don't really think there's a better way to do it. Unless you make Fluttershy the Engineer (the nicest character with the nicest class, "pets," cowardly playstyle which can go ham with a certain loadout, etc.) but then that rearranges everyone sooo, yeah. Metal-Kitty's probably got it as close as you can get.

Have any of y'all read any fics about other alicorns (or other "mystical" MLP creatures) representing other elements of the world in same way as Celestia, Luna, etc.? I've kinda been thinking about young Celestia's & Luna's friends and I'm wondering if I should think about any more of them as also eventually becoming future alicorns. I was curious if there was any fics out there (or any fanfic groups) that have good examples of "cosmology." I'd be only using them as inspiration, of course. ;)
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