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Sure I am not an artist but can I pick a new artist name for myself. So like posting stuff from this account but use a shortened version of my current name?
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I'd like to request alias (not a replacement!) "artist:tails_doll" for "artist:lalieri"

Most (if not all) of our collabs are signed with this nickname (since they are released on a different resources, where he's better known as Tails_Doll), and Lalieri has expressed his worries that people from Tumblr wouldn't be able to find him under that nickname. As you probably understand, I can't go and replace the nickname on all of our drawings, since that would be a ton of work on around 4 different image resources.
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Crossdressing Genderf**k
Alias Request
artist:nightb1ader → artist:nightblader

I prefer the tag to be my username without the Number One in it.
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Raps home page says: "Yes, this is still NC. Here is where I shall heed the call of booty under the alias 'Raps' so the fellows that don't wanna see suggestive stuff from me don't really have to." He wants to separate his blogs on Tumblr but he seems to be fine with Derpibooru tags.
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