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A Clever Message

Their FA account has all the links to their various profiles, and they always use the second tag as their profile name, including their DA page, which has since changed names from the one provided in the links listed on their FA.

I'll also note that they have a separate and far more populous artist tag: artist:lobkoff. I would assume this was for separation of sfw and nsfw art, but they don't seem to separate the two all that much (nsfw is clearly visible on the front of their DA page), and they have (as previously mentioned) changed their name to Apocheck13 on all their profiles. You might want to contact the artist and see if they want their artist tags updated to all be merged under artist:apocheck13.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

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EDIT: Not so sure about this request. See update at bottom.


Artist just changed their name on every site. DA name change.

Twitter post where they announced the name change.

Evidence they are indeed the same person:

Patreon account is already under the new name Whistrid, but posts as recent as January (like this one) still have the old name Eqlearq in all the "Follow me at…" social media urls.

Most uploads here are sourced from their DA page. For example >>2266414 has this link as the source. So the Eqlearq urls now lead to Whistrid's account.

EDIT: Since I made the initial post, the artist has deleted all their art and posts from everywhere. On DA, still redirects to Whistrid's account, but direct links to old art results in 404 errors. Also Whistrid uses >>2236379 as their banner image on Patreon, and also uses >>2184365 as their banner image on twitter

Maybe at this point we should just leave them as separate artist tags, assuming they publish any new pony art as Whistrid.
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Depending on how you want to go about it:

Twitter handle change. Thing is, just going to doesn't work, and going to[write anything here, it doesn't matter]/status/############### directs you to the appropriate account. So, assuming the validity of sources on past posts on Derpi, for example from >>2060401, you can see the name change.

Accounts listed in their Twitter profile

However, because artist:groggyghoul is already aliased to artist:groggyman you might instead want to do the following:

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