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Hi there! I believe this is a thread for requesting changes


Just wanting to replace my old allias with my new one. The artist tag displayed on the profile shows my old one but the links are to my new one. So on my profile I would like it to show Atmosseven not armagedtom essentialy replace it. Recently got a couple of badges which relate to my new allias so I hope this okay, many thanks.

Sorry if I haven't provided anything else you may need.
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PM me your cute OCs
Generally we alias in teh direction of old name→ new name, because the newer name usually does have fewer images, but would be the one that the artist most likely would wanna go by.

@Background Pony #E4CB
@Background Pony #E4CB

Done, sorry about the delays in this round. I've been a bit busy

Also, as much as I appreciate the content warnings, they're not really necessary. I've been doing this long enough that I've seen all there is to see already :P
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That depends on the order of the tags. In this case it's asking for shadetheunicorn to be aliased into lyres-art so the tag that'll be visible will be lyres-art. The images will stay the same, it's just the artist tag gets renamed.

The end result is that the images tagged artist:shadetheunicorn will show the tag artist:lyres-art (the tags are basically merged together so anything tagged with shade becomes lyres) and searching for artist:shadetheunicorn will automatically bring up artist:lyres-art.
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