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I generally maintain a rule that artists need to have at least twice as many pictures as they do aliases. That's just due to the way aliasing works when there's multiple name changes/tags involved, as it's kinda messy and time consuming to rename the "primary target" tag.
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pink13p13m00nl1t-m4sk auto-redirects to

latias7winter-wondermare auto-redirects to

I know, I know. "Just one tag? Really?" But it's for the sake of historical completion/accuracy/easier finding of older/newer works and no thoughts of "ART THEFT!". Admittedly, the latter crossed my mind pretty quick when I saw two different names for one artwork.
Example: I was looking for the source for dust_pony_species_ref_by_pink13p13-d73e2qg.png (I know, easy enough to find in the link)
What google gave me though, was:
After screencapping, the pic's source location was on page 2 of results. DERP. MY POINT STILL STANDS!
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