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Shipping Thread


Hi, I was invited to this thread. I’m new here, so I hope everyone is friendly.
My favorite ship in MLP is SpikeBelle. I’ve written a few stories of them on FimFiction.

Ah. Well, yup, SpikeBelle is my favorite. I’ve written like five stories of them on FimFiction. I’m known there as “RS-Belle14”.
Brass Beau

Howdy from Shimmer Pope
It’s been a while since I checked but when I did, while Twilight had the most ships, Rarijack and Sparity were the most popular ships. Also, of the Mane Six, Pinkie had the least ships and Fluttershy the second least. There’s a big margin between the two, though.
Brass Beau

Howdy from Shimmer Pope
Behind the other five, Spike, Tempest, Glitter Drops and Spring Rain. Tempest and her two friends being so popular is something I’m still trying to wrap my head around.
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