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“Dreamy Breakfast”
How about that mood whiplash?  
You’re welcome.

safe2171479 artist:chopsticks742 big macintosh33552 marble pie8269 earth pony445044 pony1599600 g42026390 apple21181 bed57656 breakfast in bed57 butt fluff905 comic135221 crying55362 dialogue92535 dream3287 egg5489 female1799466 flower39329 food101091 heartbroken marble108 high res407627 implied limestone pie19 looking at you258608 male549739 marblebuse19 mare738899 mood whiplash191 morning ponies1701 offscreen character52146 sad31333 ship:marblemac585 shipping253795 shipping denied1007 side chick81 simple background594565 sketch82457 stallion195189 straight178783 text89373 vase796 yelling4296


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Background Pony #9534
I’m willing to believe that Marble Pie is mature and strong enough to have already accepted that Big Mac and Sugar Belle belong together and has moved on from her heartbreak by Season Nine and Ten. Hopefully, Marble Pie will find her own happy ending and maybe her own special somepony in the Season Ten comic books.
Background Pony #9534
Entertainment or not, I’m hopeful that Marble Pie will find her own happy ending and maybe her own special somepony in the Season Ten comic books.
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Rice pone
@Background Pony #9534  
I just love it when ponies cry in the right circumstances, especially the adorable ones. It gives them bonus points to being cute.
But who said this was making fun? Maybe it’s just saddening entertainment to be sad. If some people think it’s funny (some have), then yes it can be funny, too.
Do the same for Scootaloo unable to fly. Or Snowdrop unable to see. Or Trixie being tricked by her dad leaving. Or Chrysalis starving to death on Heart and Hooves Day.
Not all entertainment is, nor should be, sunshine and rainbows.  
Marble Pie crying from seeing Big Mac and Sugar Belle was an extremely good move by the development team, and it’s my favorite scene from that entire special.
Background Pony #9534
I’m disappointed that there are still fans who like to make fun of Marble Pie’s unresolved heartbreak in Best Gift Ever.
I like to think that offscreen during the Mane Six’s adventures in Best Gift Ever, Marble Pie would eventually accept that Big Mac and Sugar Belle belong together and move on from her heartbreak. Even though they do not end up together, Marble Pie and Big Mac would remain close family friends who still care for one another. Perhaps Marble Pie and Sugar Belle would come to an understanding and become friends, much to Big Mac’s shock and surprise.
Hopefully, the Season Ten comic books will show Marble Pie finding her own happy ending and perhaps her own special somepony.
Background Pony #3ABA
And this is why I’ll forever hate Big Mac, or the writers for denying Marble this.