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Stupid stuff that comes to mind that we want to post

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I had a dream where I was in a computer software/hardware store, but it was big enough to be a warehouse. All the computer games were way at the top, where I would no doubt fall to my death if I were to try and climb/reach for it. I’d have to ask a store associate to grab one of those.
All of the Xbox360 and PS4 consoles and games were at child height, so that they could easily load it into shopping carts by themselves.
I saw a deer hunting game for $7.99 that included a light gun controller that looked like a photorealistic shotgun. Would probably be mostly useful for hunting games. The deer on the cover looked like he was tired of life.
I was also hunting around for old desktops that might have old 1990s games on them, and likely a lot of viruses and malware as well.
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