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“Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!”
“Surrender now or prepare to die!”
“Meowth, that’s–godDAMNit, James, you messed up the line!”
“Wh-what are you talking about?”
“It’s ‘Surrender now or prepare to FIGHT’.”
“She says ‘light’, you say ‘fight’, I say ‘Meowth, that’s right!’ It’s a–they rhyme. It’s a rhyming scheme.”
“Well, I’m sorry. I told you I’m no good at these theatrics. I get nervous. I make mistakes. It’s why the drama club made me a stagehand.”
“Okay, unnecessary sharing, but–look, forget about it. It happened, it’s done, let’s just do this.”
“You know, this whole dramatic introduction wasn’t even my idea. I just wanted to sneak up behind the kid, clock him on the head with a brickbat, and take his Pokémon, but you two wanted to make a whole thing of it. You’re like, ‘Oh, we’re Team Rocket, we can’t resort to such cowardly tactics, we have to confront him head-on.’”
“Seriously. James. Focus.”
“And–I mean, we’re criminals, for Arceus’ sake. We steal Pokémon for a living. Cowardly tactics should be the least of our concerns.”
“Shut up. We’re not noble outlaws, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, okay? We’re trying to grab some little kid’s Pikachu for… who knows what reason. Well, for us it’s money obviously, it’s a paycheck, but what’s the boss gonna do with it? I assume he’s gonna sell it to the highest bidder, but for all we know he wants the Pikachu for, like, weird sex stuff.”
“Yes, James, we’ve all heard the rumors.”
“Wobbuffet saw the dungeon last time we were there!”
“Wait, you’re gonna do what with him?”
“And what’s so important about this Pikachu? Why can’t we just go to Viridian Forest or that power plant off Route 10, grab a Pikachu there, and take it back to the boss like, ‘Here, here’s your goddamn rat, now gimme my money.’”
“Well, I did get this Pikachu from Professor Oak, so maybe–”
“So what, you think this is some National Treasure bullshit where the Professor etched a secret map on the inside of his armpit or something?”
“Pika pi.”
“Holy shit, really?”
“Yeah. I thought not.”
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Since Patreon links break faster than a g##damn piggy bank, I figured I’d take today as an opportunity to repost some sketch pages that feature best girl (it’s Amethyst, in case you were wondering).
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That's him, officer
Imagine renaming a disease because the last name sounded racist.
Also, That 90s show is gonna be a thing, surprisingly.
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It was a missed oppertunity, as there is plenty of 80s culture they could of used to poke fun at, and reference. Instead it just felt like a worse “That 70s Show,” as it lacked it’s charm, and honestly the characters weren’t as entertaining.
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