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What is your favorite type of food? My favorite is Chinese cuisine with their dumplings and chicken on a stick
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When I was a kid who played Quick Battle on Pokemon XD I didn’t realize that the music in those was actually from Pokemon Ruby gym theme and champion themes.
@Just Wayne
Ah they’re like Voltorb I see.
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Just an spectator but I kinda believe that Meanlucario was… Well… The mean one in here. Then again views like those are subjective, but he was the one that was attacking, atleast IMHO.
So don’t worry that much about it yourself. Disagreements like that happen all the time anyways, it’s natural part of humanity. It gets sucky when one side starts being aggressive though, still, I wouldn’t consider neither of you ruined the thread.
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I was unaware that there was a series called Dorothy Must Die. Nor was I aware it was popular enough to have two prequel series and a prequel series for Wicked.
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Of all the Christmas songs I’ve listened to in my childhood, nothing slaps harder than Amy Grant’s “Emmanuel”.
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Maybe, if you want we can say that both had a fair share of stuff in this debate. But then again that’s completely normal, and you were the one who cut it out anyways. It’s natural to have arguments on the internet, atleast from what I’ve seen, and I’ve seen worse, yours was baby-level by comparison xP~
Huh? Dorothy must die? I think I might’ve heard of it… What does it involve? I kinda remember the name somehow.
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