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screaming forever
Being a janitor today is more thankless than ever before, even with the pandemic. My facility is full of boomers that do whatever the fuck they want consequences be damned because they aren’t the ones who have to clean it up. This behavior has led to the following: dude missed the bowl while taking a shit, people tossing full cups of coffee in anything that says no liquids (even shredded paper bins because go fuck yourself), removed piss bag (thanks for nothing spell check) on the floor, a fucking condom in one of the company’s gym showers, and a ton of other stroke inducing voluntary stupidities. I have so much more but typing on mobile sucks.
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I keep dreaming (or nightmareing) this earthquake that’s gonna happen and wreck havoc here in my place in an alarming frequency and I don’t know why.
Something’s wrong with me like… holy fuck…… could this be my latest vision about that’s gonna happen to us here this year? Fuck i’m not ready.
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*Durgon Noises*
Had to endure one of Chrome’s stupid “No Internet” glitches.
Why am I calling it a glitch, you ask? Because every time it happens, both my router and my desktop clearly show that i do have internet.
Ugh. As if the auto-refresh-all-your-tabs-when-you’re-inactive-for-at-least-1-minute glitch was bad enough!
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