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I see.
Is just that the pandemic just makes everything cancelled or delayed.
Which it makes me think Peacock has a generic selling point since the olympics have been postponed to this year, People lost interest in WW84 and Tenet, and the worst part, my mom lost her job due to the pandemic, Me and my family are now in debt, Christopher Nolan and Denis Villeneuve threw tantrums towards streaming services, Cancel culture attacked everyone, etc.
The worst part, I lost my grandpa to this virus.
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I know for a fact that my login on a certain program works. I have seen it accepted on another computer. But now, on my personal computer, the program does not recognize my login. Not even my username to reset the password. I have checked and double checked and thrice checked. I have entered the information exactly as written. I have accounted for possible errors. This is maddening. It defies logic. There is no conceivable reason why this should not work.
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Need to get something off my chest that I’ve been keeping to myself for a long time but I feel it deserves its own thread. I’m hesitant to talk about it because I don’t want to get people mad at me nor do I want to start any arguments. Honestly I’m debating whether to even talk about it at all since it’s a touchy subject for me and it’s a rabbit hole I’m not sure I want to go down.
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You’ll only have your mouth stitched shut forever with that.
Better to just say it and tank the hit of people who can’t stand dissent.
Chips fall where they may.
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I was just sent a 1099-c from Wells Fargo, regarding a credit card I used to have with them. Good news, the almost $4500 I owed was forgiven, but bad news is that I’ll have to report it on my taxes and let it fuck with my refund.
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Ok I’m home. Honestly, I should really have just kept this to myself and I don’t want to start any fights or anything so I’ll just say that it really disappoints and upsets me to have such sexy characters be associated with such dark and disturbing things. Hate me all you want but I will never understand series like Kantai or Azur Lane. These characters may be attractive but I can’t get over the fact they are the literal embodiments and personifications of war. Also I hate when I find a sexy character in a series only to find she is associated with death or demons or something like that. It’s just really upsetting to me to see someone so beautiful be associated with or even the outright representation of something so ugly. There, that is all.
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