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You can’t get rid of cancel culture entirely so you might as well make it risky. Their needs to be a law where the person who waisted all of your time trying to cancel you over something that’s either stupid or just plain false, has to pay you just for wasting your time and making your followers turn on you.
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Talked with my credit union to see about possible investment opportunities. Didn’t want to commit to anything so we just shuffled some things around in the union itself so I get higher interests on my account.
Now instead of making 0.15% I’ll be making 0.40%. Almost half a percent in interest!
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Taking jokes seriously, taking opinions personally, disrespecting opinions, overreacting, panicking, etc.
Heck, back in middle school when I was a teenager, I called one of my real friends a “fucking bitch” because of a joke about wanting to kill another one of my friends. I apologized for that though, even though I can’t forget.
Now that I mentioned it, I fear for the worse.
I don’t know how to apologize for the past things without being easily unforgiven since the ones that are cancelled and apologized are automatically unforgiven unless they get to change their personality, opinion, identity, etc.
Not to mention the whole “what happens on the internet stays on the internet”
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Boy howdy it sure would be nice if my family could talk about something other than politics every now and then.
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@Hollowfox Jaeger
The pact! Remember the pact!
I just wanted to say my opinion, no need to lose the plot. Also, fight perhaps? I always thought rules made by actually good and smart people helped more than rules made by criminals and wack twats.
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