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safe1971389 alternate version68986 artist:pony-berserker1108 applejack187783 fluttershy238147 pinkie pie238567 rainbow dash259301 rarity203123 trixie74660 twilight sparkle332885 earth pony361338 fly437 pegasus406489 pony1323089 unicorn446262 ask a pony15 comic:do ponies use toilets?2 20131243 20151034 angry32623 annoyed6372 clapping758 comic123854 confused5793 cringing348 dialogue80115 embarrassed13594 english2414 extended version6 eyes closed120680 female1603017 floppy ears64502 frown28786 glare8697 gritted teeth16602 harassment17 hiding1694 hoof over mouth396 hooves behind head369 hooves together658 humor1101 i can't believe it's not idw421 implied pooping483 implied scat337 indoors5146 insecure70 lidded eyes39006 looking at you217019 looking down11908 looking up20684 mane six35335 mare618167 meep62 nose wrinkle3541 offended98 open mouth197704 plushie27849 proud526 question1340 raised eyebrow7938 raised hoof59828 raised leg9995 redraw2610 remake760 shy5321 sitting78596 smiling331130 snorting599 speech bubble31983 standing18156 talking8561 text75950 thinking2350 toilet2084 toilet humor235 trixie's wagon1237 trixiebuse209 twilightlicious176 unamused20618 uncouth52 unicorn twilight26235 wagon1148 walking6254 wat20824 wings174976


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Background Pony #ECE7
Avoiding that sort of thing is exactly why we have toilets. It’s honestly worse than having one.
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Comfy Pones
Applejack goes from changing Applebloom’s diapers to Granny Smith’s! There’s no rest for the poor mare >.<
@Background Pony #0005  
Who else could even teleport it like that?
@Background Pony #9D13  
Her destiny was to work in waste management. She refused to follow her real cutie mark and built her alternate “Trixie” persona based off of her childhood dream of being a wizard/showpony.