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I put all of pinkie pixel animated into a single gif for forum uses
safe1727989 artist:deathpwny240 gummy5104 pinkie pie218258 earth pony256959 pony988213 :p9161 absurdly long animation2 accordion301 animated99715 backflip73 balloon10303 biting3823 bouncing4993 cartwheel45 clothes467558 crown17503 crying44192 cupcake5476 cute203007 dancing8464 desktop ponies1307 diapinkes10173 dress45290 eating9799 evil enchantress116 eyes closed95669 female1382232 flower26192 gala dress4619 grin39674 hat88416 helicopter516 hiccup157 hoofy-kicks762 laughing8155 looking up16840 mare491466 mouth hold17772 musical instrument11609 nom3077 party cannon1775 party horn549 pinkamena diane pie19238 pinkie being pinkie1307 pinkie sense162 pixel art10711 pronking1088 rearing5784 rubber chicken248 running6053 simple background401497 sitting64443 sleeping23709 smiling254510 sneezing1414 snoring680 solo1078667 teleportation615 tongue out106114 transparent background205656 twitchy tail69 umbrella hat165


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Background Pony #EDE2
I love my little pony i en a hoy