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safe1878551 artist:johnjoseco4492 bon bon17368 lyra heartstrings31296 sweetie drops17366 earth pony321079 pony1224425 unicorn401522 slice of life (episode)1908 bon bond112 bow34234 bowtie11888 bread1628 candle5497 clothes524670 curtains2947 dinner274 female1516337 fight6586 food81060 glasses72439 jump kick14 kicking2318 mare566195 monster2510 rubber duck609 secret agent sweetie drops414 table10503 tentacles13175 that was fast1405 watch1575 wavy mouth4360 window10237 wine glass1757 wristwatch585


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In my head, I can only see Lyra noticing what’s going on and thinking to herself, “She’s taking so long, I have a watch now.”
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So if JJ is gonna do pony art again he’s got some catching up to do. Looking through the files here…
The Dazzlings  
Rainbow Rocks  
Nice Sunset Shimmer  
Nudes of his last few new years  
Twilight vs Tirek  
Rainbow powered ponies  
Tanks for the Memories  
Humanized Nudes of [insert character here]
I know I’m missing some.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Then she comes inside and sits down to eat without skipping a beat.
Keeping that secret identity secret is a full time job.
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Let the squid fall  
When it crumbles  
We will stand tall  
Face it all together  
At squidfall

I recall one incomplete FIMfic where Bon’s a reformed changeling & the two of ’em try for a kid, but that breaks about even with Official!Bon’s 00 status. Equestria even has a legit-if-you-squint ‘Q,’ though I’d trust any gadgets he offered about as far as the Inspector’s.

It’s great to have JJ back I feared he was lost to us forever.
Also secret agent Bon Bon is BEST thing from the episode. More interesting than any prior head canon for her.
Wesley Foxx
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The Fluffiest
For me it wasn’t so much the secret agent thing, it was how very specific to the situation it was. Like, if she was just a secret agent of celestia who helps from the background during any given monster attack, it’d be easier to swallow.
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Smolder is a cutie
I platinum’d the game on PS3 back in 2011 and have put a tonne of time into it both on the PS3 and PC, beaten it many times and just love it all round, if you want to chat about it at any point or any of the other games, drop me a PM ;)