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Remembering Golden Oak Library

safe2155377 artist:dm291692 fluttershy256193 owlowiscious2207 pinkie pie253728 princess celestia111880 rainbow dash277465 spike91867 twilight sparkle354854 alicorn310315 earth pony438273 pegasus488395 pony1583317 unicorn529271 feeling pinkie keen1047 friendship is magic3840 g42008176 it's about time952 party of one1366 testing testing 1-2-31547 female1782162 future twilight1200 golden oaks library6568 high res406266 mare728860 rest in peace440 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148103 unicorn twilight32446


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The Last Reviewer

Remembering the good old days,remembering the best moments that were in the library,not just in the show but memes,ytps,fan animations,fanfics,fanart,it may be destroyed but we will always remember no matter how bad the next seasons become,rip library,also hub network and twilight sparkle,never to be forgotten…
Background Pony #645D
Wait… if she has magic couldn’t she use her magic to go back in time to stop her library from being destroyed?
Background Pony #33D3
You’re right, I was expecting him to be in this episode as well. Like somewhere around the ending of the episode would be pretty fitting.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I was hoping for something a little more feelsy in the episode (or for a bit longer at least), but this will do nicely.