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safe (1484357) artist:bluse (386) rarity (162283) pony (763217) unicorn (226252) equestria girls (167289) agent 47 (27) assassin (210) badass (2654) broken glass (183) broken window (117) cutie mark (36042) female (809203) glass (3608) glasses (49695) gun (13021) halo (series) (438) hitman (46) hooves (15187) horn (30899) human ponidox (3032) laser pointer (127) mare (365293) moon (19760) night (20542) optical sight (917) rain (5217) rifle (3095) scar (9205) signature (16018) smiling (193507) sniper rifle (867) teeth (6844) weapon (24388) window (6375)


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30 comments posted
Background Pony #5495
Human Rarity is basically screwed. That rifle's too long to aim into the room without backing off the ledge.
Background Pony #12C0
Rarity: Pushes TV thing out the window pushing human Rarity off of ledge

Human Rarity: Wilhelm Scream
Background Pony #6E40

Not unless you're wearing night vision. Or if there's a lot of particles in the air for the light to reflect off of (like dust).
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Right. Gonna go Halo geek here for a moment.

That's the UNSC Sniper Rifle, and I'm going to guess the model you've used (Or the vector) is from Halo 3.

That is not a laser module. That is a scope, and even if red dot lasers were a good idea on a sniper rifle, it would be an under-barrel attachment.

Her left hand appears to be fondling the magazine, which is a bad idea for several reasons, and make me think that hand position is designed for a bolt-action manual rifle, which is not what this gun is.

The grip just isn't there, which makes me wonder how the hell either of them are firing it. Presumably, it was removed so it would fit Rarity's hooves.

The giveaway, just to finish it all off, was both the bipod and the stock. Neither Rarity is using either of them.

Not sure what the other guns in the picture are from, but I'd guess Deus Ex: They seem to be in the right style.

In short, it's a great picture, and you've done some damned cool art, but this one irks me. Really, the laser irked me.