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Size: 2800x1700 | Tagged: artist:elmutanto, bush, cap, clothes, dirt, general motors, gun, hat, hummer, military, oc, oc:heinrich hirsch, oc:kami, oc only, oc:star shooter, one eye closed, pegasus, rifle, safe, scenery, sniper rifle, tongue out, tree, vehicle, weapon
Size: 1024x576 | Tagged: 3d, 3d model, anthro, artist:sarcastic-brony, crossover, deviantart watermark, downloadable, gmod, gun, obtrusive watermark, rifle, safe, sniper rifle, solo, source filmmaker, team fortress 2, twilight sniper, twilight sparkle, watermark, weapon
Size: 3907x5469 | Tagged: anti-machine rifle, anti-materiel rifle, artist:brainiac, clothes, cutie mark, earth pony, eerie, fallout equestria, fanfic, fanfic art, female, fillydelphia, glowing horn, gritted teeth, gun, hooves, horn, levitation, magic, magic aura, mare, ministry mares, oc, oc:littlepip, oc:xenith, open mouth, pinkie pie, pinkie pie balloons, pipbuck, pony, rifle, safe, scar, self-levitation, sniper rifle, telekinesis, unicorn, vault suit, weapon, zebra, zebra oc
Size: 2000x1265 | Tagged: artist:mrscroup, clothes, cyrillic, equestria at war, equestria at war mod, field, gun, helmet, male, mosin nagant, oc, oc only, pony, rifle, russian, safe, sniper rifle, stallion, svt-40, t-34, tank (vehicle), uniform, weapon, world war ii
Size: 4063x3072 | Tagged: artist:juani236, clothes, earth pony, gold hair, gun, looking at you, oc, oc:golden baügllet, oc only, pony, rifle, safe, sniper, sniper rifle, solo, suit, traditional art, weapon, white suit
Size: 2084x3124 | Tagged: artist:raminy44, earth pony, equestria at war mod, female, gun, hoof hold, hooves, mare, oc, oc only, optical sight, pony, rifle, safe, scope, sniper rifle, solo
Size: 4200x1500 | Tagged: anthro, armor, artist:chapaevv, clothes, female, gun, katana, oc, oc only, rifle, safe, sniper rifle, sword, weapon
Size: 4200x1500 | Tagged: anthro, armor, artist:chapaevv, clothes, female, gun, katana, oc, oc only, rifle, safe, sniper rifle, sword, weapon
Size: 1280x720 | Tagged: abuse, alicorn, alternate timeline, animated, artist:ndanimations, ashlands timeline, assassination, barren, bipedal, boom headshot, clothes, death, fallout, fallout equestria, fanfic, fanfic art, female, floppy ears, frown, glare, glimmerbuse, glowing horn, grin, gun, head shot, hooves, horn, implied genocide, insanity, levitation, magic, mare, misspelling, oc, oc:littlepip, open mouth, optical sight, pipbuck, pony, post-apocalyptic, rifle, russian, saddle bag, s.a.t.s., scope, semi-grimdark, shooting, show accurate, smiling, smirk, sniper rifle, sound, spike, starlight gets what's coming to her, starlight glimmer, subtitles, talking, teeth, telekinesis, text, the cutie re-mark, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn), unicorn, v.a.t.s., vault suit, wasteland, weapon, webm, wide eyes, youtube link
Size: 500x575 | Tagged: caption, gun, image macro, imgflip, meme, rifle, safe, snipelight glimmer, sniper rifle, starlight glimmer, star wars, text, weapon, yoda
Size: 2683x2056 | Tagged: artist:wandrevieira1994, battle saddle, bullet, clothes, cloud, cloudy, cowboy hat, dashite, eyes closed, fallout equestria, fanfic, fanfic art, female, floppy ears, flying, gritted teeth, gun, hat, hit, hooves, horn, injured, male, mare, oc, oc:calamity, oc:littlepip, oc only, oc:velvet remedy, open mouth, optical sight, ouch, pegasus, pipbuck, pony, rifle, scope, semi-grimdark, sniper rifle, spread wings, stallion, teeth, unicorn, vault suit, weapon, wings
Size: 2500x1400 | Tagged: applejack, artist:wangkingfun, bipedal, chinese, cowboy hat, cutie mark, earth pony, fallout equestria, female, game, game: fallout equestria: remains, grid, gun, hat, high precision rifle, hooves, mare, oc, oc:black eightball, optical sight, pony, pony icon, rifle, safe, scope, sks, sniper rifle, solo, weapon
Size: 2000x1900 | Tagged: .50 bmg, anti-materiel rifle, artist:vombavr, bird, blue jay, cute, female, fluttershy, gepard gm6, gun, happy, hooves to the chest, looking at you, mare, pegasus, pony, rifle, safe, scope, shyabetes, simple background, smiling, sniper rifle, snipershy, solo, spread wings, weapon, white background, wings
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