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I couldn’t decide what was cuter: staring into his eyes lovingly or giving her little Flash Sentry muzzle-nuzzles.

suggestive192600 artist:badumsquish2503 derpibooru exclusive41063 flash sentry15178 twilight sparkle361132 alicorn319483 human250411 pony1628341 g42053759 absurd resolution67895 boop9435 cuddling10881 cute269177 eyes closed141165 female1829332 giant pony5945 human flash sentry x pony twilight94 human on pony action13460 male559535 mare758241 nose wrinkle3967 noseboop3735 nudity520685 nuzzling5110 on back34852 on top1567 prone35897 ship:flashlight3316 shipping257529 size difference21749 smiling405947 snuggling7449 spread wings97416 straight181811 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150793 wingboner9713


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N’aww! This is too cute! I didn’t used to like Flashlight, but then I realized how awkward and weird it would be for them both to hold onto a relationship between their real forms.
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Obviously the answer to your question Badumsquish is that the cutest thing would be to stare into his eyes lovingly, then muzzle-nuzzles.
You got to have both.