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SFW edit of >>725271
suggestive132582 artist:stoic5595 rarity173741 pony882866 beautiful5090 bed37896 bedroom eyes54788 bite mark425 blanket4900 detailed733 dock45774 explicit source4793 eyeshadow14042 female1285769 grin34610 high res23334 hoof fetish2322 hooves16877 looking at you152523 looking back51930 makeup19125 messy mane7300 on side6436 pillow biting209 plot73064 presenting22386 sexy26580 smiling224421 solo1003352 solo female171600 sultry pose1760 underhoof48086 window7708


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Background Pony #B6A7
I swear, this piece NEEDS to be exposed on a canvas in a fucking museum.
Because this is in so many ways the best Rarity picture you can come across! (or one of the best, at least)
Background Pony #5355

Rarity? I'd prefer Elusive but I'd make do. That said, not being attracted to the fairer sex is absolutely no reason not to enjoy stoic5's beautiful artwork.
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@Background Pony #684C
Not a lot of us here actually find realistic horse genitalia to be arousing. Given that the ponies we come here for themselves bare only a tiny resemblance to real ponies shoulda clued you in on that.