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SFW edit of >>725271
suggestive128252 artist:stoic5596 rarity169900 pony847440 beautiful4682 bed36389 bedroom eyes51620 bite mark406 blanket4717 detailed689 dock44060 explicit source4746 eyeshadow13092 female901041 grin33055 high res21474 hoof fetish2242 hooves16332 looking at you144273 looking back49170 makeup17699 messy mane7062 pillow biting204 plot71276 presenting21607 sexy23857 side6437 smiling215510 solo974511 solo female168697 sultry pose1737 underhoof46937 window7265


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Background Pony #B6A7
I swear, this piece NEEDS to be exposed on a canvas in a fucking museum.
Because this is in so many ways the best Rarity picture you can come across! (or one of the best, at least)
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Background Pony #5355

Rarity? I'd prefer Elusive but I'd make do. That said, not being attracted to the fairer sex is absolutely no reason not to enjoy stoic5's beautiful artwork.
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@Background Pony #684C
Not a lot of us here actually find realistic horse genitalia to be arousing. Given that the ponies we come here for themselves bare only a tiny resemblance to real ponies shoulda clued you in on that.