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safe2151363 artist:madmax1703 applejack198585 fluttershy255761 pinkie pie253317 princess celestia111714 rainbow dash276945 rarity215604 shining armor27644 twilight sparkle354296 earth pony436572 pegasus486680 pony1579247 unicorn527405 g42004436 abuse9370 angry36198 apple20950 bad dream104 banishment264 bed56606 betrayal655 crying54899 dirt1173 dirty2338 dream3245 eyes closed136771 feels1679 female1777762 floppy ears71766 flying54065 frown35423 glare9010 gritted teeth19058 hate309 hoof hold12649 injured4408 lidded eyes46631 mane six37283 mare726538 mud3441 muddy1071 nightmare1643 open mouth232366 pillow25088 raised hoof68283 rock6127 rotten apple46 sad31109 scared14099 sleeping29014 spread wings91578 throwing718 twilybuse674 unicorn twilight32321 wings216141 yelling4252


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Aw come on, not Twilight. Without her, Equestria would still be in parallel danger. Even if Trixie is the next element. We know what happen in season 3 when Trixie took over Ponyville. What if this happened again? Where will Twilight go anyway? She can’t stay in the Everfree Forest. She’ll stink up the forest and rot herself until she die. If she still have her horn, why didn’t she just teleport herself away from the mob. If she was banished, I can tell where she might go. She’ll probably end up somewhere better than Ponyville where she would be wanted. Probably go to the Prideland and meet the Lion Guard or maybe go to Mobius and meet Sonic. Plus, Twilight should either go back in time before she ruined the wedding like she did when her future self came.

There’s some great potential for character development. The fear of another possible breakdown alienating her loved ones is just one more challenge she must overcome. It will be up to her to make sure that doesn’t happen, and if it does…
I’ll just have to work to win back the trust I’ve lost, one day at a time. I think that’s all I can do.  
-Lloyd Irving
Background Pony #1588
This Is mean, heartbreaking, and stupid what kind of stupid idiot would do such a thing?!
Background Pony #6B31
look i dont like the pic but liek cupcakes i learnde to aceetp it beides if icould i wold writ a fic on how the banshment nighmares are keeping her awake at night but one night her friends found out about her nightmares tell her that was just a dream and remind ther the the channgling queen did fooled eveyrpony and promise not to doubt twilight anymore.
Beau Skunky
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This user stinks
I’m amazed alot of people didn’t “get” she’s having a nightmare. I could tell just by looking at this.
I nice piece, and it seems to emphasize Twilight’s biggest fear. Having everyone who cares about her the most, suddenly hate her.  
It’s the worst possible thing that could ever happen to her.
Even in the actual show she got quite upset, and saddened when she made her brother angry, and she seems to worry about what her friends, and mentor think sometimes.  
So this image works perfectly as PlotHole said.