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[ Twilight retrieves Magical Compendium Vol. 1 - 36 ]  
[ Spike accepts the burden of the colossal tome ]  
[ Twilight rushes up to the smothered dragon ]  
Twilight Sparkle:Flash cards! I should make some flash cards!”

safe2173196 screencap295656 spike92368 twilight sparkle357530 dragon85353 pony1601345 unicorn537440 g42027435 season 33130 the crystal empire3355 animated125915 anxious161 bipedal49471 book43525 cartoon physics1101 cartoon violence105 crushing1075 determined1053 excited4226 eyes on the prize6830 female1801463 flattened543 frown36111 giant fucking book of magic and shit9 glare9054 golden oaks library6992 impossibly large book12 levitation16240 library4184 lidded eyes47967 magic96560 magical compendium3 male550312 open mouth237275 outstretched arms168 quill3391 sack504 serious1669 serious face1432 slapstick310 smiling397038 telekinesis39021 that pony sure does love books1362 tongue out147046 tree49269 twilight snapple2350 unicorn twilight33143 wide eyes19864


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

@Master Fox  
I’m more surprised that someone hasn’t made a caption of that moment.  
Heck, just a regular screenshot would do, don’t even need to add text.
Background Pony #D749
Behold Twilight’s secret ultimate weapon: gigantic books! Could both be used for physical and psychological trauma
Background Pony #66FE
She is very persistent in trying to kill her assistant with a colossally huge book.
A one for the Guinness World Records.