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"What do you want, little half-dog filly?"
safe1553165 screencap194592 cotton cloudy376 twilight sparkle279094 alicorn190603 pony825024 trade ya872 animated90913 behaving like a dog1230 cotton cloudy reveals49 cottonbetes28 cute173193 female877572 filly58328 grin32129 hub logo9139 mare403408 mouth hold15162 photo70175 shake126 smiling209302 surprised7888 tail wag834 twiabetes9857 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113605 weapons-grade cute3093 younger15438


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Simon o'Sullivan

I actually use both tail and ear movement and position in my writing to help show the emotions of the characters. Sure, the it might be a bit dog-like, but it really helps when you want to show a character is happy/scared/angry/sad.
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Ponies: Happy & Safe
this was 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x too adorable for me to survive looking straight at it
Background Pony #7E30
If someone doesn't beat me to it I'm going to try to make a edited version of this loop (basically this but without Twilight) when this episode gets a clean release.

@Keith Mowz
I think I can somewhat see that, if you mean they look like they're both looking in slightly different vertical directions.
Wesley Foxx
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The Fluffiest
@Background Pony #A48B
… huh, looking at her eyes now that you point out the big eyes thing makes me notice that she seems a bit cross-eyed to boot. Her right eye is looking at twilight's horn while her left is looking right at the viewer.
Background Pony #7E30
Wow, that eye grow, that tail wag.

This may be the top cutest moment in the show.