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safe1575043 artist:equestria-prevails442 applejack158810 big macintosh26860 derpy hooves48237 fluttershy197725 pinkie pie203183 princess celestia90007 princess luna93963 rainbow dash219328 rarity169678 spike74828 trixie62102 twilight sparkle282636 alicorn195202 dragon48134 earth pony198816 pegasus239427 pony845354 unicorn265968 alternate hairstyle24448 alternate universe9270 armor21648 epic derpy310 eyepatch2631 female898789 frown21634 general derpy36 glare8026 high res21372 hoof shoes4124 male305351 mane six29441 map1210 mare415244 open mouth123028 photoshop3677 s1 luna6804 stained glass1142 stallion92629 table8192 unicorn twilight12890 wallpaper17728


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Was it a Ponibooru comment that went like this?:

"After my sister was tricked into banishing herself to the sun along with the Elements Of Harmony, I gathered a group of faithful ponies to to help me protect Equestria. Our mission: to find the Elements and free my sister!"
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Wow, big Mac's hair. It's so long, but that's normal if you what happens with them right now.
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I've made this comment on DA my headcanon:

"could it be that a new evil has risen and cursed the holders of the elements of harmony into a deep slumber and this act was strong enough to cause princess Celestia to go into deep depression

now Celestia's sister Princess Luna, has taken leadership of equestria and has rallied a army to defend all ponykind.

Luna has appointed Spike, Twilight sparkle's faithful dragon assistant as second in command and adviser, in honor of his Dearest Unicorn big sister like friend.

with his great strength and to avenge his sister applejack, Big Macintosh was given the role of Leader of the earth pony army, and did he do a good job being in charge….Eeeeeeeeeyup.

of though it was unexpected Luna appointed Derpy hooves Leader of the Pegasus army, of though derpy may have been..well…derpy, she became a lot more focus after the fall of cloudsdale and the lost of her eye, now she's hard as a Stale muffin.

another unexpected choice Luna made Trixie leader of the Unicorn army, despite the whole Alicorn amulet fiasco, many (even Trixie) questioned Luna why she made that decision it was then after many battles Trixie realized that this was a way to redeem herself and look out for others now that the mane six have fallen, so now she tries to become the great and powerful trixie…by earning it.

now Luna, her four Generals and the armies of equestria protect their land from the new evil and its armies of Griffins, Diamond dogs, Changelings and other creatures of tartarus."