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I always thought Valentine’s Day is nicer when it’s targetted at every wonderful type of love, not just romantic!
Have some loving ponies <3
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safe2172670 artist:bubblegooey43 apple bloom59976 bright mac1739 pear butter3854 pinkie pie255585 rainbow dash279686 scootaloo58722 sweetie belle56702 earth pony445583 pegasus495796 pony1600835 unicorn537203 g42027204 :d1857 :p14375 ^^3263 adorabloom3877 animated125870 blushing273759 bow44607 brightabetes83 chest fluff65402 clothes633769 cowboy hat25680 crying55401 cute265539 cutealoo3924 cuteamena939 cutie mark crusaders22359 cutie mark cuties98 dashabetes12230 diapinkes12593 diasweetes3736 duo169424 duo female30804 duo male and female5962 ear fluff50610 excited4227 eyes closed138839 female1800948 filly97272 floating heart6245 floppy ears72906 foal44090 freckles43809 gif48666 hair bow25587 happy44472 hat124104 heart76235 heart eyes29642 hearts and hooves day2911 holiday35223 hoof fluff3262 horn189652 hug37569 kiss on the lips6408 kissing32510 looking at each other34279 looking at someone15924 looking up23997 love6729 male550183 mare739946 multicolored hair11802 music notes4704 open mouth237208 open smile31115 pearabetes421 pink background6408 pinkamena diane pie22420 rainbow hair4821 raised hoof69812 reassurance73 sad31349 scootalove2082 self paradox4042 self ponidox10357 ship:brightbutter958 shipping253979 sibling love683 siblings21770 signature43901 simple background595285 singing8452 sisters17943 sitting92238 smiling396907 smiling at each other2592 spread wings94326 straight178910 teeth21858 text89471 tongue out147009 trio26063 trio female5567 valentine's day5262 wingding eyes40212 winghug3899 wings222585


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Wow! This is a true example sheet of what Valentines Day is! Beautiful animation presentation, Bubbles!
I always thought Valentine’s Day is nicer when it’s targetted at every wonderful type of love, not just romantic!
Right on! It always has been like that but humans are being humans. X3