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Scoots is going to go fly!
A remake of this but with the above would be how scoot would probably react in character.
Art by LiaAqila

safe2190838 artist:liaaqila1432 apple bloom60433 scootaloo59093 sweetie belle57080 earth pony511650 pegasus504187 pony1620901 unicorn545989 g42046976 adorabloom3927 apple bloom's bow3471 blank flank10032 bow45279 butt234621 chest fluff66803 cute268150 cutealoo3971 cutie mark crusaders22543 diasweetes3769 ear fluff51851 eye clipping through hair15232 eyes closed140492 female1821313 filly98641 foal45593 glowing19644 glowing horn29415 hair bow25992 horn199637 magic97507 magic aura9174 open mouth241169 open smile32679 party cannon2083 plot146490 pony cannonball352 raised hoof70951 simple background605393 smiling403240 teeth22523 traditional art144125 trio26996 trio female5853 underhoof69727 white background165240


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Background Pony #E1D3
I thought that it worked the first time, so she’s willing now to give it a shot.