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Can’t help but draw this cute couple from @DoodleMarkyMark s doodles >w<
I can’t, those sketches are so adorable!!

safe2150964 artist:anotherdeadrat112 applejack198567 rarity215574 earth pony436372 pony1578797 unicorn527247 g42004237 applejack's hat14006 bandana7090 blushing268054 cheek kiss3080 cowboy hat25125 duo163600 duo female29316 eyes closed136734 female1777349 floppy ears71742 glowing18321 glowing horn28673 hat122392 heart74266 heart eyes28878 horn178037 kissing32058 lesbian116308 magic95352 magic aura8717 mare726345 raised hoof68261 raised leg11567 ship:rarijack8196 shipping250741 signature42445 simple background583949 sparkles8636 stetson5815 surprise kiss1165 telekinesis38508 white background157038 wingding eyes38475


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