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Can’t help but draw this cute couple from @DoodleMarkyMark s doodles >w<
I can’t, those sketches are so adorable!!

safe2171471 artist:anotherdeadrat117 applejack200166 rarity217274 earth pony445042 pony1599593 unicorn536673 g42026390 applejack's hat14370 bandana7223 blushing273444 cheek kiss3135 cowboy hat25628 duo169125 duo female30712 eyes closed138711 female1799459 floppy ears72831 glowing19040 glowing horn29079 hat123957 heart76129 heart eyes29607 horn188974 kissing32476 lesbian117502 magic96457 magic aura8964 mare738892 raised hoof69673 raised leg11835 ship:rarijack8255 shipping253793 signature43732 simple background594561 sparkles9063 stetson5852 surprise kiss1175 telekinesis38978 white background161006 wingding eyes40135


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