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Happy birthday to horses🎊

safe2154576 artist:lrusu1020 applejack198791 fluttershy256105 pinkie pie253640 rainbow dash277338 rarity215867 twilight sparkle354723 alicorn310160 earth pony437997 pegasus488034 pony1582548 unicorn528874 g42007257 the last problem8038 applejack's hat14074 candy9796 candy in hair38 cape14297 closed mouth1305 clothes625700 cowboy hat25207 crown29429 ears back4020 ethereal mane13156 ethereal tail2017 eyes closed137073 eyeshadow29261 female1781325 flying54230 folded wings18899 food99982 granny smith's shawl295 group7670 group shot616 hat122702 high res406172 hoof on head726 hoof shoes9380 jacket19579 jewelry110768 lidded eyes46792 looking at each other33544 looking at someone14998 looking down14363 looking up23620 makeup39357 mane six37325 mare728357 midair257 older39550 older applejack1063 older fluttershy1061 older mane six481 older pinkie pie986 older rainbow dash1328 older rarity1003 older twilight4311 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)3807 open mouth233120 peytral7177 plushie30699 ponytail26499 princess shoes1021 princess twilight 2.03773 profile7750 raised hoof68479 regalia35744 sextet379 shawl452 short hair3218 sitting90768 spread wings91956 standing24080 starry mane6995 starry tail913 stetson5819 teddy bear1785 tiara6796 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148055 wings217018


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