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September 25, 2023 at 3:28:09 PM UTC
#mane6 #mlpfanart #mlpfim

safe2154704 artist:zeon_starlight101 applejack198791 fluttershy256110 pinkie pie253652 rainbow dash277345 rarity215873 twilight sparkle354736 earth pony438028 pegasus488063 pony1582664 unicorn528986 g42007291 applejack's hat14073 blushing268982 book42983 bust76636 colored eyebrows1186 cowboy hat25206 emanata2560 eye clipping through hair13842 eyebrows23370 eyebrows visible through hair10909 eyes closed137083 female1781453 freckles42998 group7672 hat122706 horn179227 looking at you254599 mane six37325 mare728466 open mouth233153 open smile29449 portrait41137 reading8015 sextet379 smiling390015 smiling at you23769 spread wings91978 sweat39837 unicorn twilight32417 wings217055


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