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safe2209495 edit176814 screencap298730 apple bloom60855 applejack203325 autumn blaze5535 babs seed6438 berry punch7587 berryshine7587 big macintosh34118 blues1206 carrot top6181 cheerilee11360 cozy glow9765 crackle cosette331 cranky doodle donkey1235 daring do7303 diamond tiara11942 dinky hooves4720 discord37891 dizzy twister1327 flim2594 fluttershy262556 gallus9225 golden harvest6181 granny smith6196 lemon hearts2631 limestone pie6319 lord tirek6346 marble pie8468 maud pie15181 mudbriar1020 noteworthy1206 ocellus6922 orange swirl1327 party favor1725 pearly stitch117 pinkie pie259643 piña colada484 princess cadance40794 princess celestia114389 princess flurry heart9791 princess luna118806 queen chrysalis42833 quibble pants1712 rainbow dash284104 rarity220490 sassaflash1180 scootaloo59442 sea swirl1966 seafoam1966 shining armor28556 silver spoon7643 soarin'18071 spike93319 spitfire15888 starlight glimmer60998 stellar flare1702 sunburst9046 sweetie belle57435 tender taps867 terramar990 toe-tapper301 torch song287 tornado bolt478 trixie80351 twilight sparkle362854 winona2843 zephyr breeze3050 alicorn322368 changeling67649 changeling queen24491 classical hippogriff7075 dog13780 donkey2734 draconequus20906 dragon87771 earth pony520200 griffon37514 hippogriff14395 kirin15673 parasprite2287 pegasus512782 pony1639950 unicorn555535 a canterlot wedding3756 a flurry of emotions1368 a friend in deed984 a royal problem2401 all bottled up1633 apple family reunion1238 appleoosa's most wanted839 baby cakes837 bats!1917 between dark and dawn2015 bridle gossip1092 brotherhooves social572 castle sweet castle1481 common ground1130 daring don't1172 do princesses dream of magic sheep1395 dragon dropped1307 dragonshy1186 equestria girls260301 fall weather friends958 fame and misfortune1213 feeling pinkie keen1074 filli vanilli1365 for whom the sweetie belle toils993 frenemies (episode)1777 g42064027 grannies gone wild927 hearthbreakers1319 hearts and hooves day (episode)914 horse play1063 hurricane fluttershy1253 it's about time969 leap of faith773 lesson zero1883 made in manehattan809 magic duel2497 magical mystery cure2921 make new friends but keep discord2288 marks for effort1355 mmmystery on the friendship express816 my little pony equestria girls9161 my little pony: the movie21527 no second prances2068 on your marks1022 one bad apple1620 over a barrel971 owl's well that ends well538 pinkie pride1696 princess twilight sparkle (episode)3067 read it and weep837 road to friendship1747 rock solid friendship1362 scare master1108 season 16101 season 25214 season 33307 season 45027 season 53957 season 63397 season 72529 season 83310 season 93517 secrets and pies881 shadow play1476 she's all yak1315 simple ways1474 sleepless in ponyville1473 somepony to watch over me947 sounds of silence3519 sparkle's seven1843 spike at your service1206 surf and/or turf903 tanks for the memories1639 the beginning of the end2475 the crystal empire3400 the crystalling2427 the cutie map4386 the hooffields and mccolts667 the last roundup1344 the maud couple844 the mean 61924 the mysterious mare do well840 the one where pinkie pie knows962 the parent map1177 the return of harmony2408 to where and back again3094 too many pinkie pies2105 uncommon bond898 alicorn amulet2206 all new846 alternate hairstyle38957 animal costume3124 animated128377 apple21657 apple bloom's bow3563 apple juice307 applebutt7550 applejack's hat15221 applelion344 ass up3924 aura1167 back to the future455 balloon13280 banana2710 bandage7932 bandaged wing263 bath3560 bathroom3537 bathtub2417 bed59832 bedroom eyes84256 big crown thingy3215 big macintosh's yoke676 bipedal50811 bondage47448 bow46290 breast milk5747 bridge1617 butt238228 butt bump928 butt grab4328 butt to butt1170 butt touch8422 cake13162 camera5321 camera flashes181 candle7185 canterlot castle3018 carousel boutique3267 chains7231 cloak6555 clone3540 close-up9085 cloth gag2721 clothes650160 cloudsdale1628 clubhouse1103 context is for the weak1110 costume39887 cowboy hat26770 credits805 cropped61748 crown31019 crusaders clubhouse1004 crystal castle349 crystal empire2925 curtains4249 cutie mark crusaders22693 daring donk117 dat ass528 diamond buttiara358 diaper17185 discovery family1975 discovery family logo12647 disguise7451 disguised changeling3946 dragons riding ponies978 drool35540 ei554 element of magic3621 entertainment weekly38 everfree forest2620 evil lair277 extreme close-up384 eye reflection998 eyepatch4097 eyes rolling back4601 faceful of ass2595 faic15026 fake cadance988 female1843254 filly100562 filly twilight sparkle3528 floppy horn174 flutterbutt8587 fluttershy's cottage2196 foal48358 food103846 forest16160 friendship express679 future twilight1225 gag20393 glimmer glutes2482 golden oaks library7182 granny smith's shawl319 grin64604 grogar's lair274 grope19844 hair bow26602 hat127689 hoof in mouth313 hoof on butt1123 hoofjack92 horn210675 horny2372 horse collar1146 hospital1885 hospital bed725 hospital gown257 hub logo10507 hub network125 hubble2170 implied lesbian4877 jayson thiessen126 jewelry117774 juice1930 lactation7809 lair304 lesbian119722 letterboxing1729 lip bite15666 locker room1930 locomotive531 log933 logo7329 looking at butt1408 magic98630 male564552 mane six37984 mare766757 megaradash257 meme95093 messy2803 messy mane11217 mid-blink screencap196 milk6779 milk squirt1591 moonbutt5253 mud3580 new episode99 nightcap879 nightmare night costume2849 no context62 nose in the air1911 nose to nose421 not cum142 notepad717 offscreen character54077 open mouth245494 out of context5171 over the nose gag544 peekaboo228 pencil4928 pie family home69 pinkie clone917 plot148721 ponytones172 ponytones outfit260 ponyville8217 ponyville hospital164 ponyville schoolhouse821 pov20863 pushing1130 rain8066 rainbow dash is best facemaker853 rainbutt dash6768 rearity7594 reddened butt1329 reflection4859 regalia37974 riding9437 riding a pony725 rope16274 rump push242 safari hat132 scarf32650 scarf gag48 shadow7139 shipping fuel2219 silverbutt199 smiling410710 stage4381 stallion201963 starlight glimmer is best facemaker118 steam locomotive218 subtitles2615 sugarcube corner3270 sunburst's cloak934 sunbutt6161 sweat41959 sweet apple acres3995 telekinesis39939 text92246 the hub3254 throne room1838 train3534 tree51185 treehouse282 treehouse logo615 trixie's hat6276 trixie's wagon1349 tv rating407 tv-y381 twibutt9450 twilight flopple193 twilight snapple2370 twilight sparkle (alicorn)151533 twilight's castle5707 unf367 unicorn twilight35330 uniform17206 uvula3306 volumetric mouth1315 wagon1355 wall of tags7097 wall of yellow8 webm26810 wet12124 wet mane6581 wings233282 wonderbolts uniform7731 you know for kids714 younger23398


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Background Pony #B29E
We can make this suggestive because of the “Came Here” text at the bottom of the beginning frame
Solar Supporter - Fought against the New Lunar Republic rebellion on the side of the Solar Deity (April Fools 2023).

Edited screencaps at 0:33, Twilight wasn’t that close behind her
And 0:49, her hoof wasn’t reaching there
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