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Derpibooru’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 10th Anniversary Art Event by Moon Flower, Page 3 (20201108)
This is the third out of five pages of my timeline I created for Derpibooru’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 10th Anniversary Art Event. It contains a rough timeline of Hasbro’s My Little Pony franchise mostly focusing on the fourth generation’s Friendship is Magic and my personal life connected with it.
It consists of mixed media, namely (coloured) pencil drawings, vectors, photography, screenshots, plushies put together in a big timeline collage. Some artworks are from official sources, others are done by me or third persons.
2016, continued  
As follow-up I got into psychiatric day-care hospital where I started drawing. The first picture was a horse and the third one Fluttershy.  
I also got sent to a psychotherapist I still visit nowadays where I learnt quite some stuff about myself including having depression creeping around since childhood. At some point I became Moon Flower on the net which marked a new beginning.
2017 January 02  
My mum died, another big setback to me.
01 April 2017  
C_ left a message on my Steam profile after he discovered me on “Super Hexagon”‘s game forums. He did because he noticed my profile picture being my Fluttershy drawing and so we got in touch due to My Little Pony.
2017 April 15  
Equestria Daily live-streams “All Bottled Up”(S07E02). I meet Nyerguds on Fimfiction’s IRC where people discussed about the episode. Yet another new contact due to MLP.
25 May 2017  
Nyerguds took the daring decision to turn my joke about visiting me into reality. Our first contact was extremely awkward to me but in the end I had a real close friend again after a long time.
2017 December 06  
My Little Pony: The Movie  
The one and only theatrical release of the main series which greatly expanded the MLP universe.

safe2155271 artist:darkest hour3 artist:moon flower81 artist:nyerguds2 applejack198845 capper dapperpaws1796 captain celaeno1391 fluttershy256180 grubber920 pinkie pie253717 princess skystar2480 queen novo1865 rainbow dash277452 rarity215911 songbird serenade1428 spike91863 starlight glimmer59374 storm king1459 tempest shadow18931 trixie78979 twilight sparkle354838 oc936869 oc:darkest hour44 oc:nyerguds2 abyssinian1587 alicorn310288 alien1917 ambiguous species143 bird13559 butterfly9613 cat8790 earth pony438238 fish3734 hippogriff13430 horse4428 humanoid485 insect3502 pegasus488346 pony1583213 sea pony2156 unicorn529227 anthro354889 derpibooru7968 mlp fim's tenth anniversary599 series:derpibooru's my little pony:friendship is magic 10th anniversary event by moon flower8 g42008106 my little pony: the movie21390 2016738 2017753 2020945 absurd resolution67087 ambiguous gender2439 angry36282 armor30819 art event13 arthropod53 avatar793 belgian flag5 belgium71 blue body285 blue eyes12180 blue fur874 blue hair1960 body markings1076 broken horn15862 caption25807 castle of friendship (mlp)2 chair11629 christian cross3 claws7161 clothes625986 cloud42597 collage2048 colored24653 colored pencil drawing2179 column334 crescent moon2778 dialogue91139 digital art29050 door5488 drool34120 ear piercing42730 earring31982 english3662 equine913 eyes closed137160 eyeshadow29301 fangs39287 feather8480 feathered wings2365 feline244 female1782042 flag5561 floppy ears71957 flower38739 freckles43030 front view1770 frown35611 fur1065 gimp437 glowing18438 glowing horn28737 gravestone1258 gray body38 gray fur99 green eyes9322 green feathers9 green hair877 grey hair481 gritted teeth19122 hair3319 hairband1970 handwriting66 hasbro2749 hat122746 helmet15639 hooves25650 horn179588 horned helmet403 indoors7739 jacket19597 jewelry110819 jumping4545 lego2072 lidded eyes46854 lineart24275 logo6142 looking at someone15033 looking at you254769 magic95589 makeup39405 male543427 mammal122 mane3345 mare728798 meta18484 microphone7409 mixed media462 mole (marking)2 moon31059 moon flower logo11 multicolored hair11511 my little pony the movie (mlp g4)1 necklace31823 open mouth233317 orange body115 orange fur383 orange hair456 paws7184 pencil drawing11072 piercing62703 pink body420 pink fur379 pink hair2685 pink pupils2 pirate hat783 poster6925 profile picture464 purple body99 purple eyes5731 purple fur376 purple hair2024 rainbow6571 rainbow hair4685 raised arm500 raised hoof68521 rest in peace440 serious1657 sharp teeth6219 shirt39557 side view3645 signature42695 simple background585958 sitting90799 slit pupils7434 smiling390273 spacesuit1661 spread wings92080 standing24107 stars22945 super hexagon8 tail96128 talking10515 teeth21121 text87938 three-quarter view19 throne4306 throne room1750 timeline100 title325 tongue out145042 topwear29 traditional art141741 vector89334 video game5995 wall of tags6425 white background157741 white feathers3 white hair799 window13595 wings217302 yellow body121 yellow fur346 yellow hair630


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