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A tender, forbidden moment between two sisters. A grand gesture to cement their feelings for each other, in front of a beautiful sunset.
It will not be an easy relationship for them; they know the need for keeping it secret from even their best friends, but in this moment, their cares and concerns for the difficulties ahead melt away like the sun melting into the horizon behind them.
“And here I thought you hated those sappy romance movies,” Pipp says as they break the kiss, grinning.
“I just wish they were about two mares. They otherwise had great ideas for a gesture of love.”
“Now who’s the sappy one?”
“Never said I wasn’t. At least, I am for the right mare.” Zipp concluded with a wink.

A commission I got earlier, based on an RP I did with a friend.  Story by me!

suggestive188845 artist:bunbun1 pipp petals20504 zipp storm16521 pegasus488517 anthro355012 unguligrade anthro64482 g573406 my little pony: a new generation14649 adorapipp3145 adorazipp1188 artistic nudity912 blushing269257 breasts385575 busty pipp petals483 busty zipp storm301 cute263317 duo164747 duo female29699 embrace791 eyes closed137197 female1782579 flying54297 hug37203 incest17688 kiss on the lips6326 kissing32173 lesbian116568 nudity505721 ocean12230 pippzipp132 portrait41152 royal sisters (g5)2893 shipping251435 siblings21244 sisters17603 spread wings92137 story included12647 sunset7649 water24709 wings217463


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Background Pony #3141
Aww, this is very cute. The dialogue is exactly how I imagine these two talking as a couple.