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Some things never change, like Twilight’s love of burgers and the furnace that is her alicorn metabolism.

safe2151304 alternate version84325 artist:sadfloorlamp198 twilight sparkle354291 alicorn309462 pony1579191 g42004409 season 93042 the last problem7979 spoiler:s092079 burger2654 cartoon physics1058 colored24589 colored wings13606 concave belly3377 cute262664 digestion without weight gain152 ear fluff49077 eating13167 ethereal mane13124 ethereal tail2011 eyelashes25820 eyes closed136761 female1777690 food99769 frame568 french fries811 glowing18334 glowing horn28679 hammerspace268 hammerspace belly141 high res405765 horn178081 lightly watermarked636 long mane6526 long tail4830 magic95368 magic aura8722 mare726511 no source available447 older38614 older twilight3302 open mouth232356 plate2693 princess twilight 2.03741 signature42463 sitting90512 slender5006 solo1407430 striped mane735 striped tail376 stuffing1584 table12800 tail95092 tall1212 telekinesis38514 that pony sure does love burgers291 that pony sure does love eating37 thin7827 twiabetes15169 twilight burgkle664 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147841 two toned wings5834 watermark23583 wings216124


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