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Imagine a world just like ours but where Twilight Sparkle, Starlight Glimmer and Spike stopped existing. That world may be out there…

safe2154591 artist:sawtooth waves7 edit171276 edited screencap89354 screencap293900 applejack198792 cayenne371 cozy glow9481 dark moon293 dee six43 discord37287 distant star35 electric sky64 flam2448 flash magnus992 flim2555 fluttershy256108 graphite293 honey lemon76 hoops497 king sombra17041 lord tirek6252 meadowbrook993 minty hearts49 miss hackney (g4)44 mistmane934 mochaccino273 moondancer6016 moonlight raven536 neon lights1008 orion354 pinkie pie253643 pokey pierce1653 polo play111 pony of shadows628 princess cadance39539 princess celestia111842 princess flurry heart9452 princess luna116281 queen chrysalis41813 rainbow dash277342 rare find273 rarity215869 rising star1008 rockhoof1346 shining armor27689 shooting star (character)353 somnambula2397 spike91839 star swirl the bearded2315 starlight glimmer59354 stella nova42 sunburst8733 thorax5433 trixie78963 twilight sparkle354727 oc936499 oc:sawtooth waves11 oc:the nameless one1 alicorn310165 centaur4651 changeling65133 changeling queen23590 draconequus20030 dragon84271 earth pony438005 pegasus488043 pony1582563 unicorn528884 taur2244 friendship is magic3838 g42007276 school daze3156 school raze2579 season 15648 season 44770 season 53582 season 62783 season 72373 season 82736 shadow play1466 the crystalling2408 the cutie re-mark3513 to where and back again3066 twilight's kingdom3617 spoiler:s082031 abandoned310 alternate timeline3709 and that's how g5 was made9 animated124803 applejack's hat14074 ashlands timeline260 baby16392 baby pony9262 background pony12221 background pony audience452 bag9391 barren272 bell6659 brothers1532 chaos1524 chaotic timeline72 cherry blossoms1041 chrysalis resistance timeline496 clock2544 clothes625709 cloud42577 clown celestia48 clown luna32 colt20334 cowboy hat25207 crown29429 crying54961 crystal empire2846 crystal heart1187 crystal war timeline1639 discorded landscape358 disguise7169 disguised changeling3758 element of generosity1394 element of honesty1370 element of kindness1553 element of laughter1396 element of loyalty1596 element of magic3478 elements of harmony2877 eyes closed137074 fake fluttershy63 fake rainbow dash38 fake spike13 falling3515 female1781345 filly96224 filly rainbow dash1563 flim flam brothers1444 flim flam industry timeline35 floppy ears71916 flower38704 flower blossom860 flower in hair12304 flying54231 foal42890 glowing18409 glowing eyes15152 hat122702 hole566 hoofbump1405 horn179118 hourglass469 hug37187 implied genocide304 jewelry110770 king discord40 kissing32140 las pegasus resident631 lying down44716 magic95556 magnifying glass508 male543185 mane seven7821 mane six37325 map of equestria318 mare728369 messy mane10569 multicolored hair11485 music notes4629 night37330 night guard2264 nightmare takeover timeline829 now you're thinking with portals547 on a cloud3110 on back33591 one eye closed45017 patreon15204 patreon logo9636 pillars of equestria327 pointing at you182 ponyville7746 portal2552 post-apocalyptic808 prone34578 question mark6600 rainbow6570 rainbow hair4667 raised hoof68481 regalia35744 riding a pony499 royal sisters6572 s5 starlight2606 sad31141 saddle bag8124 school of friendship1753 scroll4132 shocked10021 shoes58321 siblings21206 sisters17585 sky22622 sleeping29072 smiling389985 snow19477 sombra eyes4182 sound16738 sound barrier33 spread wings91963 stallion191782 standing on a cloud292 starswirl's book64 tartarus494 text87883 theory486 throne room1749 thumbs up1349 time travel470 timeline100 tirek's timeline38 trixie's hat6060 twilight's castle5456 wall of tags6417 wasteland1546 water24681 webm25279 wings217028 wink32520 younger22626


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Background Pony #7B76
Thank goodness I can watch this on here, as the original upload seems of have been taken down :/ Hope the rest of videos get reuploaded here on Derpibooru
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Basically what’s the video’s is talking about is that the fact after everything that happened throughout part 1 and 2, the timeline they return to isn’t the same one and it’s a different one so the timeline they were before the spell is now Twilight Sparkle and Spikeless and all the events within the next season and so fore will be different unlike the episode plots. I just watched the video like 40 minutes ago but nothing of said events of anyone mentioning Starlight Glimmer there is never shown in the series.
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Background Pony #2FA5
Well, future Twilight, Spike, and Starlight do not exist in Rainbow Dash’s first Sonic Rainboom in the prime timeline. But they do appear in the seven alternate timelines created by Starlight Glimmer. Just think back in the final Avengers movie of the MCU Avenegers: Endgame where while the Avengers try to restore the population of the universe and everything what Thanos have destroyed, they have not just time travel to the past but they’ve actually travel to different timelines including the one where the 2012 timeline version of Loki escapes with the Tesseract after the events of Avengers: Endgame but at the beginning of his own sole web series.
Background Pony #2873
Or it’s simply possible that Future Twilight/Spike/Glimmer were always at RD’s first Rainboom.
Meh, not when they’re just fictional and can’t experience that loss.