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My vectorized and (sort of) animated version of >>12247
Protip: Twilight’s ear is very ticklish.

safe2200553 artist:kp-shadowsquirrel1086 artist:ponimalion103 applejack202644 fluttershy261561 pinkie pie258753 rainbow dash283223 rarity219743 twilight sparkle361540 earth pony515949 pegasus508739 pony1631020 unicorn551102 g42056592 animated127769 applejack's hat15060 breathing477 cowboy hat26550 cuddle puddle374 cuddling10900 cute269580 dashabetes12513 diapinkes12770 ear flick754 eyes closed141425 female1832435 floppy ears74270 golden oaks library7118 hat126751 hoofy-kicks868 indoors8875 jackabetes8057 library4270 lying down49209 mane six37891 mare760213 no sound6813 on back34943 on side9822 open mouth243301 pillow26049 pony pile974 prone35971 raribetes7119 shyabetes19544 sleep pile21 sleeping29741 smiling406920 snuggling7456 twiabetes15556 unicorn twilight34785 weapons-grade cute4726 webm26561


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