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dead source25470 safe1769642 artist:feyrah25 applejack174785 big macintosh29019 earth pony274366 pony1029622 apple tree3280 balancing1030 brother and sister4559 cloud32539 cloudy6173 cute207985 duo66249 eyes closed99956 featured image919 female1418355 filly70893 foal15863 freckles30600 happy32590 hill922 jackabetes6330 macabetes544 male394012 mare510907 on back25328 open mouth158143 playing1536 smiling266676 stallion118581 tree34142 weapons-grade cute3802 yoke420 younger17929


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I love this image. Always have, ever since I stumbled across it on PonyMindBleach. Excellent choice for a feature!
My one regret is I can only favourite it once!