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dead source21474 safe1654476 artist:feyrah25 applejack165642 big macintosh27602 earth pony229783 pony918928 apple tree3007 balancing973 brother and sister3978 cloud29306 cloudy6030 cute191907 duo56368 eyes closed87872 featured image843 female1318008 filly63664 foal15169 freckles27235 happy29842 hill809 jackabetes5673 macabetes500 male355919 mare456478 on back23566 open mouth136368 playing1429 smiling234027 stallion102255 tree30834 weapons-grade cute3556 yoke328 younger16711


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I love this image. Always have, ever since I stumbled across it on PonyMindBleach. Excellent choice for a feature!

My one regret is I can only favourite it once!