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dead source21639 safe1658827 artist:feyrah25 applejack165930 big macintosh27651 earth pony231532 pony922948 apple tree3017 balancing978 brother and sister4004 cloud29427 cloudy6033 cute192567 duo56826 eyes closed88351 featured image846 female1321739 filly63982 foal15194 freckles27347 happy29979 hill810 jackabetes5695 macabetes503 male357292 mare458391 on back23674 open mouth137355 playing1439 smiling235877 stallion102752 tree30942 weapons-grade cute3568 yoke329 younger16781


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I love this image. Always have, ever since I stumbled across it on PonyMindBleach. Excellent choice for a feature!

My one regret is I can only favourite it once!