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Twilight fell asleep in the shower after reading a mountain of books

safe2088073 artist:shadowreindeer478 spike89837 twilight sparkle346158 alicorn296163 dragon78817 pony1447100 beady eyes419 cute251945 drool32811 eyes closed130905 female1708884 majestic as fuck1495 male517328 mare683551 onomatopoeia7451 open mouth218900 question mark6260 shower4425 sleeping28200 sound effects3607 tongue out138719 toothbrush938 twiabetes14668 twilight sparkle (alicorn)144207 zzz3173


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I’m not even joking, this actually almost happened to me once lol 🤣
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Oh no, I thought this was a NSFW image. Sorry father for my sins and my impure thoughts, really sorry…
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Did this once. Never let yourself do 3rd shift longer than a few months. Your sleeping habits will thank you.
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Cant count how many times ive done this, especially after getting home after work. Being a mechanic is rough sometimes.
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I miss the show so much
Spike, be a gentledragon and turn off the shower, then help her to her bed so she can sleep properly.
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