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safe1950048 artist:aleximusprime1739 artist:drewdini125 cozy glow8688 princess flurry heart8511 spike86587 twilight sparkle330406 oc825481 oc:king kriegspiel10 oc:queen kriegspiel10 alicorn270520 dragon70698 pony1300178 dream of alicornication38 flurry heart's story326 age regression1610 alicorn amulet2081 alicorn oc32389 alicornified6540 anklet1265 chubby15234 cozy glow's true goal54 cozycorn812 crown24348 evil3444 evil smirk105 eyes closed118393 fat25708 fat spike489 female1583012 filly83213 filly twilight sparkle3069 glowing11567 glowing horn24831 high res84536 horn113226 jewelry89043 male451939 mare606197 necklace25339 parent578 ponyville6836 pure concentrated unfiltered evil of the utmost potency513 pure unfiltered evil1875 race swap17741 regalia29043 smug7658 stallion146337 wings169949 younger20030


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Background Pony #37A4
Why couldn’t THIS have been the plot for those “Season 10” comics instead of what we got?
Background Pony #B3CB
Demoman: “That wasn’t supposed to happen!”
Sniper: “That’s some shonky business right there!”