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#mlpg5 #fanart #mlpgen5
tengo un problema con los colores nunca salen como yo quiero, pero tenia que mostrar lo que me tarde haciendo no estoy acostumbrada a animar igual me gusto eh
ay amo a todos los personajes de la g5
safe1973796 artist:danipenki1 hitch trailblazer8094 izzy moonbow14067 pipp petals12100 sunny starscout12845 zipp storm9490 earth pony362533 pegasus407785 pony1325978 rabbit7240 unicorn447509 g541133 my little pony: a new generation13867 adorapipp1952 adorazipp645 animal6416 animated113122 bag7543 bracelet12783 colored wings9931 cute236688 daaaaaaaaaaaw5804 eye clipping through hair11045 eye contact7339 eyebrows15427 eyebrows visible through hair7830 eyes closed120973 featured image1068 female1605578 floating heart4752 flying47470 frown28847 gif41495 glare8701 heart61318 hitch trailblazer is not amused113 hitchbetes370 hoof hold10907 horn117647 izzybetes1815 jewelry91496 lidded eyes39124 looking at each other27649 looking at someone7449 looking back74208 looking down11934 loop6450 male460705 mane five (g5)2475 mare619517 music notes4120 open mouth198235 open smile16634 phone10044 pronking1178 purple mane1144 purple tail332 satchel469 simple background502901 smiling331880 spread wings75613 stallion150610 sunnybetes1090 tail66704 two toned mane4066 two toned tail1840 unamused20694 unshorn fetlocks36436 walk cycle486 walking6263 wall of tags5428 weapons-grade cute4303 white background130640 wings175585


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Background Pony #AF05
If I were to caption this image if it appears in Caption the Picture Above You, I would post “Steel claws and cold black clouds, slashing, tearing, breaking down. Lost souls gathered around and they are pointing at me-e-e-e-e-e-e.”
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This is so cute and amazing! I love how they’re all doing their own thing, but it still comes together to make one adorable picture! Well done!
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