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#mlpg5 #fanart #mlpgen5
tengo un problema con los colores nunca salen como yo quiero, pero tenia que mostrar lo que me tarde haciendo no estoy acostumbrada a animar igual me gusto eh
ay amo a todos los personajes de la g5
safe1995362 artist:danipenki1 hitch trailblazer8827 izzy moonbow14803 pipp petals12903 sunny starscout13706 zipp storm10215 earth pony372186 pegasus416741 pony1348063 rabbit7505 unicorn457312 g544574 my little pony: a new generation13984 adorapipp2152 adorazipp708 animal6676 animated114228 bag7726 bracelet13037 colored wings10254 cute239686 daaaaaaaaaaaw5894 eye clipping through hair11387 eye contact7384 eyebrows16353 eyebrows visible through hair8137 eyes closed122946 featured image1084 female1625561 floating heart4939 flying48170 frown29643 gif42038 glare8739 heart63407 hitch trailblazer is not amused125 hitchbetes399 hoof hold11161 horn121152 izzybetes1886 jewelry93480 lidded eyes40132 looking at each other28240 looking at someone8226 looking back75531 looking down12173 loop6560 male469346 mane five (g5)2590 mare630530 music notes4188 open mouth202223 open smile18008 phone10340 pronking1184 purple mane1186 purple tail346 satchel477 simple background512380 smiling338456 spread wings77407 stallion156454 sunnybetes1137 tail70055 two toned mane4206 two toned tail1939 unamused21096 unshorn fetlocks37478 walk cycle494 walking6396 wall of tags5582 weapons-grade cute4334 white background134231 wings180317


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Background Pony #AF05
If I were to caption this image if it appears in Caption the Picture Above You, I would post “Steel claws and cold black clouds, slashing, tearing, breaking down. Lost souls gathered around and they are pointing at me-e-e-e-e-e-e.”
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This is so cute and amazing! I love how they’re all doing their own thing, but it still comes together to make one adorable picture! Well done!
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