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#mlpg5 #fanart #mlpgen5
tengo un problema con los colores nunca salen como yo quiero, pero tenia que mostrar lo que me tarde haciendo no estoy acostumbrada a animar igual me gusto eh
ay amo a todos los personajes de la g5
safe1863134 artist:danipenki1 hitch trailblazer4387 izzy moonbow8238 pipp petals6206 sunny starscout7537 zipp storm4630 earth pony313972 pegasus356909 pony1207586 rabbit6326 unicorn394627 g521169 my little pony: a new generation12480 adorapipp611 adorazipp263 animal5483 animated106560 bag6183 bracelet11477 colored wings8325 cute220561 daaaaaaaaaaaw5260 eye clipping through hair8864 eye contact7057 eyebrows11576 eyebrows visible through hair6104 eyes closed109262 featured image985 female1502622 floating heart3925 flying43113 frown26023 gif35644 glare8496 heart54931 hitch trailblazer is not amused70 hitchbetes236 hoof hold9712 horn98635 izzybetes1271 jewelry80222 lidded eyes35285 looking at each other24590 looking at someone3583 looking back67213 looking down10627 loop5979 male423364 mane five (g5)1485 mare557973 music notes3740 open mouth176408 open smile9354 phone8367 pronking1141 purple mane900 purple tail256 satchel432 simple background456459 smiling297579 spread wings65569 stallion132878 sunnybetes743 tail49254 two toned mane3319 two toned tail1481 unamused18506 unshorn fetlocks31947 walk cycle448 walking5596 wall of tags4818 weapons-grade cute4034 white background115600 wings149219


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Background Pony #AF05
If I were to caption this image if it appears in Caption the Picture Above You, I would post “Steel claws and cold black clouds, slashing, tearing, breaking down. Lost souls gathered around and they are pointing at me-e-e-e-e-e-e.”

This is so cute and amazing! I love how they’re all doing their own thing, but it still comes together to make one adorable picture! Well done!