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Alternate Source (Twitter)
I was re listening to songs for the show and I came across ‘you’ll play your part’ and it made me tear up a lil aaaaa
im so proud of Twilight, she’s come so far and she most definitely has played her part
safe1972701 alternate version69152 artist:cinnamontee313 princess cadance36745 princess celestia105130 princess luna109296 twilight sparkle333062 alicorn274672 pony1324707 season 92433 the last problem7173 spoiler:s091710 alicorn tetrarchy1152 crown24987 cutie mark52080 ethereal mane10849 eyes closed120871 female1604512 glowing12602 glowing horn25503 high res86763 hoof shoes7551 horn117455 jewelry91379 magic86541 mare619000 older34182 older twilight2675 peytral5106 princess twilight 2.03235 regalia29853 royal sisters5622 siblings15375 simple background502246 sisters13263 smiling331612 spread wings75550 starry mane5929 transparent background248148 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138618 vector84149 wings175354


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