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Alternate Source (Twitter)
I was re listening to songs for the show and I came across ‘you’ll play your part’ and it made me tear up a lil aaaaa
im so proud of Twilight, she’s come so far and she most definitely has played her part

safe2176387 alternate version86750 artist:cinnamontee332 princess cadance40087 princess celestia112778 princess luna117260 twilight sparkle358120 alicorn314853 pony1604585 g42031046 season 93398 the last problem8067 alicorn tetrarchy1232 crown29967 cutie mark51440 ethereal mane13488 eyes closed139177 female1804916 glowing19198 glowing horn29172 group7990 high res407918 hoof shoes9791 horn191533 jewelry113342 magic96749 mare742399 older40025 older twilight4360 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)3846 peytral7529 princess twilight 2.03805 quartet1406 regalia36499 royal sisters6739 siblings21874 simple background597383 sisters18008 smiling398038 spread wings94709 starry mane7142 transparent background284701 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149553 vector89954 wings223475


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